Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lemon herb grilled Chicken with Roasted root vegetables

One of my favourite BBQ meals is chicken.

Tonight we had lemon herb marinade chicken. To me the secret to nicely done chicken is to give the pieces say 10 minutes in the microwave. This ensures that the meat is cooked through and that you do not over cook on the BBQ which would dry it out.

For the vegetables as it is now Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere I chopped up sweet potatoes, normal potatoes and red onions, tossed in herbs and olive oil. A tip I use to ensure that the veggies are well cooked I par cook the veggies in the microwave for 10 min before further tossing together with the onions and then baking on 180°C for 20min and 200°C for 10 min this ensures that the veggies are nice and tender with a nice crispy shell.


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