Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A month of recipes

Well I have been very proactive this month and have drawn up a list of recipes for the month. Some are tried and tested and others new. I will evaluate and post the recipe and the result of the good ones.

  1. Chicken Broccoli bake - All time favourite
  2. Chicken Mince Shepherds' Pie - Again a family favourite real easy and really yummy
  3. Beef Mince wraps - nice idea for any left over mince
  4. Baked Fish and steamed veggies
  5. Spaghetti Bolognaise - always on my list
  6. Tuna Bake
  7. Chicken pieces and roast veggies
  8. Pork Chops - need to think of an idea here
  9. Steak and baked potatoes, depending on weather veggies or salads
  10. Pork Fillet Stir fry
  11. Baked Pork sausage with veggies
  12. Roast veggies and Pesto pasta
  13. Leek, Chicken & pasta bake
  14. Chorizo and bean fry up - my husband loves anything Chorizo so it will feature a lot
  15. Tomato basil pasta
  16. Chicken noodle soup
  17. Beef vegetable soup
  18. Moroccan chicken
  19. Chicken Pie
  20. Tempura Fish and veggies
  21. Sausage Rolls
  22. Sweet & sour fish
  23. Baked tuna & tomato risotto
  24. Spaghetti & meatballs
  25. Pizza
  26. Short ribs
  27. Chicken butternut & Chorizo
  28. Ratatouille
  29. Frittata - as I write this I can smell it cooking away
  30. Baked beef pasta
  31. Fish Pie - This was a real hit so will definitely share this as it is real easy to make and great the next day if left over which is rare for a fish pie.

Look out for the recipes as the days go by.

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